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We aim to save you from mistakes or mishaps on ‘The’ day, help avoid your friends and family from feeling like they are ‘working’ on your wedding day all this while helping save you a pretty penny too. We can suggest affordable alternatives and options from our experience and help negotiate for you using industry contacts and passing on relevant discounts.

Making the decision to engage a wedding expert to help you plan your special day can save you in more ways than just one. We can save your sanity, help manage your stress and the most priceless thing of all being your time.


“let us help you focus your wedding vision and bring it to fruition with ease.”We are here to help from inception to execution and everything in-between.

“Wedding moment: Personalized wedding vows. It reveals the couple’s individuality and gives a glimpse of what their future marriage would be like.

Wedding planning could be overwhelming with the number of options available. What if someone could handpick a shortlist options based on your preferences? We are with you every step of the way from inception to execution. Our full wedding planning service package includes:Consider this your DIY wedding planning checklist!


Indian food

$15 TnC

Basmathi Briyani Rice / Nasi Arab / Nasi Minyak Fragrant White Rice Chicken Peratal / Vindaloo / Kurma / Masak Merah Tradisional Mutton Curry / Masala Deep Fried Dory with Chilli Tomato Sauce Sauted Mix Vegetable (Vegetarian) Papadam Acar Buah

Malay Food

$10 Tnc

MENU UTAMA | Nasi Briyani Basmathi | Nasi putih | Ayam masak merah | Daging Masak Hitam | Dhalca | Acar buah

Hot Menu

$25 TnC

Menu Utama | Nasi Beryani Basmathi Panjang | Nasi Putih | Ayam Goreng Berempah | Daging Kambing Masak Kurma | Daging Masak Rendang | Pudina Chutney | Bawang Tairu | Acar Buah

Dewan / Venue

Kuala Lumpur

Anda mengidamkan sebuah majlis yang sempurna dan eksklusif - Read More


Selain dari katering untuk majlis perkahwinan dan korporat, pihak Kami,turut menyediakan Open House Hari Raya Katering – Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur - Read More



Majlis Kahwin Simple Murah Exclusive,Majlis kahwin yang serba ringkas, murah tapi meriah amat jarang dilakukan


Owner Product

Selalunya kenduri besar-besaran menjadi pilihan kerana sekali saja dalam seumur hidup katanya kepada Nurul


Sales Executive

Perkahwinan Adalah Sekadar Untuk Menunjukkan Rasa Penghargaan Kepada Para Tetamu Yang Sudi Hadir Memeriahkan Majlis,Tq Nurul





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